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Most frequent questions and answers:


The minimum order amount is $350 and 3 pieces per item.

What are the Fragrance Abbreviations?

EDT: Eau de Toilette
EDP: Eau de Parfum
Col: Cologne
C/S: Cologne Spray
Sp: Spray
B/L: Body Lotion
Bdy: Body
B/P: Body Powder

How do I know if a perfume is Original?

One of the ways to verify if the perfume is 100% Authentic is checking the UPC, which is the bar code number that belongs to the manufacturer. You can verify its authenticity with that code.

For example: If the UPC for the perfume is 3349666007921 (Paco Rabanne One Million), you can check on this link the product information If the product is registered under the original brand name, then it is original.

All your perfumes are Original?

We sell 100% authentic designers and arabic fragrances.

Can perfume last all day?

Perfumes generally last four to six hours (or even longer), depending on the ingredients – and how dry your skin is. (Perfumes dissipate much faster on dry skins, or when the air is particularly dry.) 

From the moment you apply: the top notes, or ‘head’ notes last around 5-15 minutes before they disappear. The middle notes last from two to four hours, and make up most of the fragrance. The base notes (very occasionally referred to as ‘fond’) usually last from four to six hours.

What method of shipping do you use for your orders?

We ship all of our orders via UPS or USPS, except for pallet orders. Pallet orders are shipped via Freight companies.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, bank deposits, wire transfers, Zelle, Cash App, AfterPay & Venmo.

When paying with a credit card, the zip code must match the billing address on file or the payment will be declined.

Can I pay after receiving my order?

No. Unfortunately we do not ship orders that have not been paid in advance.

Approximate weights for Products

Perfumes 100ML (3.4 Ounces): As for perfumes of 100ML weight between 0.5 pounds to 0.9 pounds since it depend on the bottle packaging, we suggest our customer to use 0.8 pounds as an average weight weight  

Example: 20 perfumes of 100ML will weight approximate 16 pounds.

Can i visit the warehouse to make a direct purchase?

Yes. We only work by appointment. Please call us for more information.

Also, we do Facebook Lives every two Saturdays from the warehouse where you can order and choose your fragrances.

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